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Feature Requests

Enhanced Ticketing System with Embedded Slots for Dynamic Pricing and Availability
Objective: Introduce an advanced feature that integrates ticket types with customizable time slots, enabling event organizers to apply dynamic pricing and manage availability with greater precision. This system is designed to accommodate varying demand patterns, such as day of the week, time of day, and special events, facilitating easy management and customization to align with the unique needs of different events. Enhanced Capabilities: Weekday vs. Weekend Pricing: Differentiate pricing between weekdays and weekends to leverage demand variability, encouraging higher attendance during traditionally slower periods. Peak vs. Off-Peak Hours: Establish pricing tiers for time slots, applying lower rates for off-peak hours to optimize venue capacity and attendee distribution. Special Event Pricing: Allow for the configuration of unique pricing for holidays, festivals, or exclusive events, addressing the surge in demand or offering premium experiences. Flexible Date Tickets: Introduce tickets that offer flexibility in attendance dates, catering to varying customer needs and enhancing ticket appeal. Slot-Specific Customization: Enable customization of ticket features per slot, including exclusive experiences or added benefits, to enrich the event experience and add value. Flexible Ticket Bundling: Support the creation of ticket packages across multiple events or dates, incentivizing prolonged engagement through discounts or special access benefits. Dynamic Capacity Management: Implement a system to adjust ticket availability for each slot in real-time, based on demand, historical trends, or event-specific factors, aiding in effective crowd management and improving the attendee experience.
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